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Do you need RLA?

If you answer no to any of the following seven questions you should consider contacting RLA right away so we may help you get started on the right track to successful motor management.

  1. Do the motor repair shops you currently use clearly understand what you expect and how you want your electric motors repaired and returned?
  2. Do you have a written motor repair specification your motor shops must meet when repairing/rebuilding your motors?
  3. Have you conducted a thorough capability assessment of your motor shops within the past five years?
  4. Have you conducted a thorough compliance audit of your motor shops within the past five years?
  5. Do you have a computerized motor tracking database that is people-friendly for tracking and maintaining important maintenance and motor repair documentation?
  6. Have you ever had an assessment of your motor maintenance practices conducted by a third-party provider to determine if you have holes (gaps) in your motor program?
  7. Have your maintenance technicians been exposed to hands-on training that includes motor operation, testing and maintenance?

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